Welcome to Our Online Media Kit

The GW Hatchet's 2013-2014 Media Kit has gone green here at whatGWreads.com. You can learn more about The Hatchet, view our rates and check our technical specifications. And while you can download PDF documents of our print media kit, contracts and rate sheets, we will strongly encourage you to place your ad and manage your contracts online come the fall.

Why The Hatchet?


The GW Hatchet has been the primary news source of the GW Community for over 100 years. Distributing to over 80 locations on campus and in Foggy Bottom, there is no better way to reach the community.


While newspapers may be suffering from competition, college newspapers remain strong. Students turn to The Hatchet as a trusted source of information. Our strength is in our readers.


There is no more powerful medium than print advertising. Newspaper ads can't be blocked. You can't fast-forward past them. There is no station to change. Newspaper ads are an excellent way to reach the market. Take your business to the next level with the power of the printed word.